How Lucky We Are

How Lucky We Are

We're huge fans of The Par Train mental golf podcast, and couldn't help but smile at this Instagram post about being grateful for the opportunity to fly solo.

"We don't talk enough about how lucky we are that we don't need anyone to play golf with. Sure it's nice if you have people to play with, but unlike other sports, you can go play a real round without needing anyone else."

As importantly, you'll want to take a moment and read dozens of great quotes and anecdotes about solo golf in the comments!

If you enjoy listening to podcasts as you play solo golf, be sure to check out The Par Train hosted by Evan Singer and Matt Cermak. It's full of awesome advice from PGA Tour Pros, best-selling authors, CEOs, sports psychologists, every day golfers and more to make the hardest game in the world feel easy and help you finally get back on track. 

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