Score Your Solo Spot

Score Your Solo Spot

Selling the pro shop attendant on going out as a single isn’t as hard as you may think. Watch a couple episodes of Golf Shop, this is Chris, you’ll see they deal with way worse. 😆 

That said, securing a solo tee time can be as tricky to navigate. But fear not, here's a simple guide to help you nab that prime slot:

  1. Dial Direct: Can't find a solo tee time online? Give the course a buzz. Sometimes a friendly chat with the staff can work wonders, especially if you're willing to bend your schedule a bit.
  2. Buddy Up with the Staff: Forge friendships with the course crew, being on good terms might just score you some VIP tee time treatment. 
  3. Know the Score: Get clued up on course rules. Knowing the ins and outs can help you navigate the booking game like you navigate a tough fairway.
  4. Hunt for Walk-Ons: Ever heard of golfing guerilla tactics? If all else fails, ask about walk-on availability. You might just luck out and snag a solo spot due to a last-minute cancellation.
  5. Go Off-Peak: Want the course all to yourself? Try swinging by during off-peak hours. Weekday mornings or late afternoons are your best bet. Avoid weekends like you'd avoid a sand trap.
  6. Think Outside the 18 Holes: Can't find a solo tee time? No problem. Consider playing just nine holes instead, many courses will have an easier time slotting you in for a partial round.

If all else fails, and it surely may, just hang up and try somewhere else. Not all courses will work with you, but many more that you may think will.


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